A (Large) Circle of Friends

On Dec. 6, many from across the Institute came together to salute Monique Tavares, director of Global Operations, as she retires after 19 years at Georgia Tech. Monique is one of the first people I met at Georgia Tech. She is a consummate professional. She is always prepared. She is hardworking and extremely loyal to the institution. Her integrity and honesty in approaching business and personal life are absolute. Monique is never dogmatic or rigid in her positions. She listens with an open mind and makes her case forcefully but is always willing to change her mind, if convinced. More importantly she can agree to disagree, respect the reason behind a different approach, and is willing to move forward as a team.

That afternoon, I and several others shared our memories and thoughts of Monique as a colleague and friend. But, as former Executive Vice President for Research Steve Cross said in his message, “Monique is family.” It is all about family. It is about her family, who always comes first. And it is about the Georgia Tech family. Our family is large, but like in all families there is an inner circle that supports each other in all things, that shares the good and bad times, and that is made up of true, unconditional friends. Monique built those bonds at Tech, and the resulting network made key, lasting impact at Georgia Tech during the past 10 years.

I joked with Monique that she could not retire before I did, but I very much respect her decision. As usual, her decision is based on excellent and logical reasoning. She chose the time and knows she is ready. She will be sorely missed.

But as much as I wanted to talk about Monique Tavares, I am really talking about the many Moniques, the women and men, who work at Georgia Tech. This is a very large organization, and we are blessed with a disproportionate number of individuals who are dedicated, hardworking, loyal, rational, driven to excellence, and simply good people. They make a very large family that sticks together, even in disagreement.

Almost 10 years ago I met Monique Tavares, and many of you. As the year comes to an end and we all take well-deserved days to relax with family and friends, I want to take the opportunity to thank all the Moniques out there for all you do for Georgia Tech and certainly for the support you have given me throughout all these years.

-Rafael L. Bras




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