The DEI Council is involved in a variety of initiatives and engagements to achieve our goals, including:

GT DEI-Related Activities

Encourage participation in GT DEI-related activities such as the Diversity Symposium, Diversity Speaker Series (e.g., Hispanic Heritage Month Lecture), Diversity Fellows, Transformative Narratives, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Inclusive Leaders Academy, and activities offered by Provost’s Office units.

DEI Action Plan

Create and execute an annual, unit-level (Provost’s Office) DEI action plan that supports a longer, multi-year DEI plan.

External Review Committees

Meet with External Review Committees before and after a unit of the Provost’s Office completes an external review.

DEI Awards and Recognition

Nominate Provost’s Office employees or units for DEI awards or other recognition.

Listening Sessions

Conduct listening sessions to gather feedback and perspectives from the Georgia Tech community on DEI issues.

Climate Assessment Findings

Review climate assessment findings at unit level (Provost’s Office) and support division and unit level climate assessments.

Professional Development

Spearhead and promote DEI-focused professional development opportunities for staff, faculty, and students.

Panel Discussions and Dialogues

Spearhead panel discussions or dialogues around pressing social issues related to DEI.

Search Processes

Support mitigation of bias in search processes.

Research and Funding

Increase DEI-related research and funding opportunities.

Opportunities for Inclusion and Belonging

Identify opportunities to increase inclusion and belonging and recommend solutions.

By implementing these initiatives and engaging with the Georgia Tech community, the DEI Council is committed to making a positive impact on the culture of the Provost’s Office and its administrative and VP reporting units.

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