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Dr. Rafael Bras

Dr. Rafael L. Bras is the provost and executive vice president for Academic Affairs at the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

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Dr. Bras regularly blogs about his perspective on topics such as leadership, admissions, inclusivity, and the future of higher education.

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Recent Posts from Dr. Bras

  • Creating a More Accessible Georgia Tech

    In December 2016, Bloomberg Philanthropies convened the American Talent Initiative (ATI). Its goal could not have been loftier: to, by 2025, add 50,000 low- and moderate-income students to the ranks of universities or four-year colleges with a six-year bachelor’s graduation rate of at least 70%. Georgia Tech was among the first 30 ATI members. 

  • Hamilton, Revisited

    When I heard that Lin-Manuel Miranda was to resume the lead role and stage "Hamilton: an American Musical" in Puerto Rico for the benefit of his and my devastated island, my wife, Pat and I decided that we would find a way to attend no matter what it would take.

  • Why I Am a Professor

    I never planned to be a university professor. I believe that life is a result of “chance and necessity.” Being at the “right place at the right time” is as much a function of our own designs as it is of chance.

  • Pasteles in Paris: Tradition and the Promise of the Next Generation

    Although Georgia Tech is entering an era of new leadership, I am confident the basic formula will not change: The focus on excellence and the commitment to progress and service will remain the same.

  • Resiliency and Emerging from Tragedy

    Finding a path forward after tragedy isn’t easy, but we must. Tragedy changes us. We move ahead carrying its scars. But, even scarred, great people and institutions emerge from tragedies with stronger foundations. 

  • Seeing Each Other in the Kaleidoscope of Humanity

    A few weeks ago, I attended a talk by Dr. Timothy Shriver, son of R. Sargent Shriver and Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the couple who brought us the Peace Corps and the Special Olympics. His talk was inspiring and captivating. Dr. Shriver’s main message was that each of us is unique, precious, and adds valuable diversity to humanity.