Commission Member Roster

Executive Sponsor:

Rafael L. Bras, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Steering Committee Members:

Richard DeMillo, co-chair, School of Computer Science and the Center for 21st Century Universities

Bonnie Ferri, co-chair, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Nelson Baker, Georgia Tech Professional Education

Susan Cozzens, Office of Graduate Education and Faculty Development

Jennifer Herazy, Office of the Provost

Mark Hoeting, Office of Information Technology

Charles Isbell, College of Computing

Laurence Jacobs, School of Civil & Environmental Engineering 

Colin Potts, Office of Undergraduate Education

Commission Advisors:

Wayne Clough, President Emeritus

Jeff Selingo, author 

Commission Members:

Paul Anderson, Undergraduate Representative, Business Administration

Camille Barchers, Graduate Representative, School of City & Regional Planning

Richard Barke, School of Public Policy

Carlee Bishop, Georgia Tech Research Institute - Electronic Systems

Terry Blum, Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Sandi Bramblett, Institutional Research & Planning

Rob Butera, School of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Ed Coyle, School of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Mike Cummins, Scheller College of Business

Jessica Curtis, Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Lizanne DeStefano, CEISMC

Craig Forest, School of Mechanical Engineering

Yakut Gazi, Georgia Tech Professional Education

Ashok ​Goel, School of Interactive Computing

Mark Guzdial, School of Interactive Computing

Steve Harmon, Georgia Tech Professional Education 

Amy Henry, Office of International Education

Samantha Holloway, Undergraduate Representative, Scheller College of Business 

Bradley Jenkins, Undergraduate Representative, Aerospace Engineering

Julie Kim, College of Design

Gordon Kingsley, School of Public Policy

Quintin Kreth, Graduate Representative, School of Public Policy

Joe Le Doux, School of Biomedical Engineering, GT/Emory

Lew Lefton, College of Sciences

Pete Ludovice, School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Usha Nair-Reichert, School of Economics

Wendy Newstetter, College of Engineering

Eric Overby, Scheller College of Business

Mary Lynn Reallf, School of Materials Science & Engineering

Muhammad Rizwan, Graduate Representative, School of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Mike Schatz, School of Physics

Raghupathy Sivakumar, School of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Chrissy Spencer, School of Biology

Bing Wang, Library, Intellectual Property Advisory Offices

Don Webster, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Joyce Weinsheimer, Center for Teaching and Learning

Ellen Zegura, School of Computer Science