Our Commitment

Academic Freedom

In America’s colleges and universities, academic freedom is the commitment necessary to allow faculty members to be able to teach and perform research freely and effectively. At Georgia Tech, in teaching it has become synonymous with free and open dialogue so integral to developing leaders from all backgrounds who are innovative thinkers. They are ready to explore challenges from various perspectives and disciplines and create solutions with real human impact.

In research, academic freedom has provided an environment that is inclusive, innovative, and transdisciplinary. It has resulted in breakthroughs in numerous fields, garnering a national and international reputation for the work and legacy of the Georgia Tech community.

We protect freedom in academic instruction, research and publication, and as individuals.

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Freedom of Expression

Georgia Tech holds the First Amendment guarantees of freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and the right to assemble peaceably as an essential cornerstone to the advancement of knowledge and the right of a free people.

Freedom of expression is one of the six focus areas outlined in our new strategic plan:

  • We safeguard freedom of inquiry and expression.
  • We protect the freedom of all members of our community to ask questions, seek truth, and express their views.
  • We cherish diversity of ideas as necessary for learning, discovery, scholarship, and creativity.

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"We can celebrate free expression and academic freedom. That value coupled with critical thinking is what higher education is at its core. That’s who we are at Georgia Tech."


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