Meet Provost Rafael L. Bras

Dr. Rafael Bras

Dr. Rafael L. Bras is the provost and executive vice president for Academic Affairs at the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

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Georgia Tech Library dean search

Leslie Sharp has been named dean of the Georgia Tech Library, effective July 1.

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Recent Posts from Dr. Bras

  • My Grandfather’s Pen

    I hate goodbyes. This is the last time I will address you all as provost of Georgia Tech. There are so many good memories.

  • Georgia Tech Forever

    Georgia Tech is the type of place where you want to belong, and I can say without reservation, it is now a part of me. Once at Georgia Tech, you are part of this community forever. This fall semester is the time to use that “we can do that” spirit. The semester will challenge our extraordinary community in extraordinary ways.

  • John, Nelson, Jimmy, and Rosalynn

    I have been in awe of only four people — to the point that I bothered them for a picture and/or autograph. I eagerly wait for the next Johns, Nelsons, Jimmys and Rosalynns. We need them more than ever.

  • Looking at the Future of Georgia Tech Through the Lens of the Pandemic Experience

    The pandemic has clarified and crystalized some of my ideas about the future of Georgia Tech and higher education that I would not have been able to articulate just a few months ago.