Technology Fee Working Group

In the Fall of 2015, Provost Rafael L. Bras appointed and charged a working group to study the Institute’s technology fee process and make recommendations for improvement, if warranted. Provost Bras charged the group to review the policies, practices, and procedures related to Technology Fee allocations to ensure:

  • Input to the allocation process is appropriate and adequate;
  • Consistency with BOR policy and guidelines;
  • The resource is keeping pace with the changes in course offerings; and
  • The funds are meeting Institute priorities and objectives. 

The working group included stakeholders of faculty, staff and student representatives familiar with the process. 

To ensure Technology Fee funds are meeting Institute priorities, keeping pace with evolving program offerings, consistent with BOR policy, and allocated with adequate input from the community, the group recommends the following: 

Further details of the recommendations are included in the full report.