The following task force members participated in discovery of options and impacts and have compiled the recommendations contained in this report:

  • Dr. Joe Hughes, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (chair)
  • Dr. Steven Girardot, Associate Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (vice-chair)**
Task Force Membership (Voting members of the task force as appointed by the Executive Sponsors. College (faculty) representatives were recommended by the Dean of each college.)
  • Dr. Paul Kohn, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management**
  • Dr. Leslie Sharp, Associate Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Faculty Development
  • Mr. Howard Wertheimer, Director, Capital Planning and Space Management
  • Dr. Bill Baron, College of Sciences Faculty Representative
  • Dr. Al Ferri, College of Engineering Faculty Representative
  • Mr. David White, College of Computing Faculty Representative
  • Dr. Lisa Yaszek, Ivan Allen College Faculty Representative
  • Dr. Saby Mitra, Scheller College of Business Faculty Representative
  • Dr. Julie Kim, College of Architecture Faculty Representative
  • Ms. Tanya Krawiec, GT Professional Education
  • Ms. Laura Margaret Burbach, Undergraduate SGA Representative
  • Mr. Thomas Gable, Graduate SGA Representative#
  • Ms. Abby Phelps, Undergraduate Student
Consultants to the Task Force (Consultants to the Task Force were identified as “content experts” in issues related to classroom and academic scheduling. They were included in most meetings and discussions but did not participate in developing or voting on final recommendations)
  • Dr. Debbi Greene, Assistant Director, Capital Planning and Space Management
  • Ms. Sandi Bramblett, Executive Director, Institutional Research & Decision Support
  • Ms. Reta Pikowsky, Registrar
  • Mr. Rich Steele, Senior Director of Campus Services
  • Ms. Cynthia Hutcherson, Senior Manager, Capital Planning & Space Management
  • Dr. John Leonard, Associate Dean, College of Engineering
Project and Task Force Support
  • Ms. Sandy Simpson, Office of Strategic Consulting*
  • Ms. Daisy Yu, Office of Strategic Consulting*
  • Ms. Cara-Joy Wong, Office of the Provost (task force support)

*Departed Georgia Tech, Spring/Summer 2016

**Co-Chaired Academic Calendar Task Force, 2014-15

# Initial task force member appointed was Mpaza Kapembwa. Mpaza left the Senate in Fall 2015 and was subsequently replaced with Thomas Gable by the Graduate SGA President, Marc Canellas.