Call for Faculty Ideas and Tips:

The Office of the Provost and Office of Information Technology, working with the Georgia Tech Remote and Hybrid Teaching Academy have partnered to explore creative programs and preferred tools leveraged by faculty to enable productivity during the pandemic. We are asking for your assistance in helping us to identify and champion these solutions across the Institute.

While the pandemic has presented us with many challenges in how we effectively deliver education, it has also highlighted great examples of ingenuity and collaboration among Georgia Tech faculty. Amidst the Institute’s response to Covid-19, many faculty members have leveraged technology to implement creative techniques to keep students connected and engaged. Preferred solutions and tools have been used to enhance communication and ensure continuity during the transitions from in-person instruction to remote and hybrid learning.

We would like to hear from our faculty on the useful ideas that they created and learned during the pandemic in 2020, along with new tools and technologies used. Once we collect these, we will unveil them in early January for everyone’s benefit.

  • Share advising ideas/tips: In 60 seconds or less, share ideas or your favorite tips that worked for you in academic and/or research advising:

For questions, please contact Yakut Gazi: