Team members composed of Georgia Tech Professional Education (GTPE), the Office of Information Technology (OIT), and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) have prepared this plan to ensure instructional continuity as we transition instruction to alternative delivery methods. This plan also can be adapted for future use in other similar emergency situations.

Objectives & Guiding Principles

The objectives of this plan are to:

  • Provide guidance and structure to ensure the continuity of instruction at Georgia Tech to the fullest extent possible.
  • Outline resources and actions that faculty and academic support staff should address in their unit-level continuity plans.

The guiding principles of the plan are:

  • At all times, prioritize the health and safety of faculty, staff, and students.
  • Provide instructional continuity for Georgia Tech classes to the extent possible with a focus on student progression and the academic experience.
  • Provide faculty and student interaction
  • Provide student and student interaction
  • Utilize as many existing and familiar technological, human and process resources as possible; that is, minimize having to create or do something new and untested.
  • Action plans should be approved by each unit’s dean and the Provost. 
  • Action plans should be verified and practiced.

This document is intended to provide broad guidance to the campus community on how to prepare for and deal with these potential impacts on the academic mission of Georgia Tech. Every employee on campus is employed within a unit that has a designated continuity plan manager that has developed plans for your specific unit.


The OIT Enterprise Service Desk is the single point of access for requests for help and guidance: OIT Enterprise Service Desk web site or call 404-385-5555. Requests will be triaged here and routed to respective groups and individuals, who can best assist. These support groups and individuals are distributed in various organizations of Georgia Tech, including GTPE, CTL, and unit IT staff. 

Existing tools and technologies, e.g. Canvas, Kaltura, and BlueJeans conferencing, are the backbone for academic continuity. These tools do not require VPN access and have been setup and functioning for the academic, and Georgia Tech community, prior to this current situation. All courses already have an online shell on Canvas, although they may be in an “unpublished state” now. Further, Office 365 tools, another university enterprise license, will serve as a mechanism for communication and collaboration, where everyone already has access.

The following resources are being made available online at the OIT website:

For Students: Student Guidance on Instructional Continuity

Faculty & Staff: 

Download the Instructional Continuity Plan (.pdf)