Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts Dean Search Committee

Bonnie Ferri (Chair)
Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Faculty Development; and Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Garrett Bunyak
Ph.D. Student, School of History and Sociology

Shatakshee Dhongde                       
Associate Professor and Director for Graduate Teaching and Training, School of Economics

Casey Hampton                               
Student Services Advisor, School of Economics

Karen Head                                      
Associate Professor and Associate Chair, School of Literature, Media, and Communications; Executive Director of the Communication Center

Ayanna Howard                                
Linda J. and Mark C. Smith Professor and Chair, School of Interactive Computing

Margaret Kosal                                
Associate Professor, Sam Nunn School of International Affairs

Audra Murphey                                
Undergraduate Student, School of Public Policy

Juan Rodriguez                               
Associate Professor, School of Modern Languages

Keatley Scroggins                           
Director of Development, Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts

Jenny Strakovsky                            
Assistant Director of Career Education and Graduate Programs, School of Modern Languages

Mark Taylor                                     
Associate Professor, School of Public Policy

Steve Usselman                              
H. Bruce McEver Professor of Engineering and the Liberal Arts, School of History and Sociology

David Bamburowski (ex-officio)      
Director of Academic and Research Faculty Affairs

Mary Thomas (search support)       
Program Manager Senior, Office of the Provost

Michael Toney (administrative lead)
Director of Academic Administration, Office of the Provost